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My family inspires me in my collection. My father and grandfather and their profession, straight lines of the planes and shapes of bricks, a pack os snuff that reminds me of them.

My favorite moment of the day, a painting of my grandparent's house, the office paper that my parents udes as wrapping for their letters when they were young.
Based on Lorca's craftwork, the place where i was born. It combines the Lorca's tyical silk and gold embroidery with specific techniques I learnt during a workshop I enrolled in Lyon. Rescues Esparto and ceramics crafts practiced in Lorca since 353 b.C.

Natural materials are used for this collection within it has been trid to raise the memory, the melancholy and the ong for feeling for the things. It pretends to take you back to that country house, it has inspire me. For this work, some of the issues are handmade with 100% natural wool.